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Joint effort against IUU fishing in the Guianas

Joint effort against IUU fishing in the Guianas:the Department of Fisheries of Suriname and CRPMEM Guyane’ssecond at sea joint inspection.

The Department of Fisheries of Suriname and CRPMEM Guyane’s second at sea joint inspection. 

The Department of Fisheries of Suriname (DFS), the French Guiana Regional Fisheries Committee (CRPMEM Guyane) and WWF-Guianas have the pleasure of announcing that joint at sea vessel inspections have occurred for the first time on Nov 19th between Paramaribo and Albina. This joint venture is a first between these two countries and an encouraging step orchestrated between Suriname and French Guiana in the struggle towards protecting both respective nations food autonomy, biodiversity, and economic resiliency, which represent the three pillars of sustainability.

IUU has plagued the sustainability of coastal fisheries of all the countries of the Guiana’s shield for decades. Today the instances that contribute to the management of fisheries in Suriname and French Guiana have decided to join and with the financial support of WWF have been able to conduct the second joint at sea coastal inspection in the coastal fishing grounds of the Maroni estuary. This endeavor is born from a natural working relationship established between the CRPMEM Guyane and the DFS. Indeed, both these entities have missions pertaining to fisheries management, notably, with the role of administering each countries costal fishing licenses regime and limiting the number of licenses attibuted per year in accordance with the availability of coastal fish resources.

This second mission that took place on Dec 11th 2023 leaving the St. Laurent French border police docks at 10AM on board the Eagle Eye, a 12m 1050 Hp inspection cruiser. Where present on boats four inspector from the Surinamese Maritimes Police, one inspector from the Department of Fisheries of Suriname, one Fisheries Engineer from the CRPMEM Guyane and one respresentative from WWF Suriname. (for images of the mission - https://photos.app.goo.gl/QyndMDnJGG1ASS5r5). The mission report sent in annex of this press release.

During this cruise a total of 7 vessels were inspected in the Maronie Estuary. Information has been collected to gather data and determine the different vessels and capitaines’ port of origin, details on the boats fishing operations and most importantly whether the boats had authentic Surinamese fishing licenses and authorizations. This data was transmitted to the VSMC Organabo as part of the first meeting at sea between French and Surinamese Martitime inspection forces.

The first patrols between the CRPMEM Guyane and the DFS was successful, and more inspection will be programed once more funds have been secured. Through this work has proven the importance of having inspection capacities and going to sea, all parties recognize that this first step that has occurred between the CRPMEM Guyane and the DFS must be maintained and amplified along both borders of Suriname and French Guiana. These inspections will extend into 2025 and during the leatherback nesting season as this population of leatherbacks has been subject to a precipitous decline of approximately 95% in the three Guianas (French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana) over the last decade.

For more informaion contact :
- Arjune Zojindra from the Department of Fisheries Suriname +597 866 8301 /
- Leonard Raghnauth from the CRPMEM Guyane +594 694 44 38 20 /