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The Peruvian Chamber of Giant Squid (Capecal) presents fisheries improvement project progress at the Global Seafood Marketplace in Barcelona

  • The Peruvian Giant Squid Chamber (CAPECAL), an alliance of 17 giant squid processing companies, presented progress in the squid fishery improvement project (FIP) at the "Seafood Expo Global" in Barcelona, ​​​​an event that brings together the main players in the seafood sector from around the world.
  • CAPECAL announced the joint work between IMARPE, the extractive sector, SFP and WWF Peru in the execution of activities that contribute to the sustainability of the resource and its fishery.

The Peruvian Chamber of the Giant Squid (CAPECAL) was presented on April 26 during the Barcelona fair. It announced the progress, achievements and next steps in the implementation to achieve a responsible squid fishery with sustainable and good measures. practices, and advances in the Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP). Also, align the fishery to international sustainability standards such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). At the same time, seeking to be recognized as a sustainable fishery in the international market.

CAPECAL is a non-profit association that has been investing efforts in promoting the formalization of the squid artisanal fishing fleet, participating in strengthening fishing research on the resource with IMARPE, combating illegal, unreported and unreported and unregulated fishing. , as well as strengthening relationships between all the actors in the productive chain of the fishery.

As part of its achievements, CAPECAL established three important institutional agreements that support the advancement of its objectives. Specially, with the investigation of the resource and thus strengthen the sustainability of the fishery. The first is with the Peruvian Sea Institute (IMARPE), the second, is a tripartite agreement between the extractive sector and IMARPE, and finally, with the Humboldt Institute for Marine and Aquaculture Research (IHMA).

In addition, during the event they presented their sustainability seal so that the companies that make up the alliance commit to promoting and executing good fishing practices and the implementation of the squid FIP. Additionally, they confirmed an advance of 50% of the activities completed in the squid FIP, according to the Fishery Progress platform, which has been implemented from 2018 to this year.

"The presentation of CAPECAL at the Global Seafood Marketplace event in Barcelona-Spain is considered an important milestone for us because it allows us to give greater visibility to our objective and efforts to promote the sustainable use of the Peruvian squid fishery," said Gerardo Carrera, president of CAPECAL, who highlighted that the companies that comprise it represent more than 50% of the value of Peruvian squid exports.