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WWF Peru & the general direction of captains and coast guards (DICAPI) launch electronic departure for artisanal and industrial fishing

  • Within the framework of the "Day of the Seafarer" held in the imposing "B.A.P Carrasco". Evelyn Luna-Victoria, Senior Manager of Oceans, representing WWF Peru, made the symbolic delivery of the electronic departure before DICAPI, in the presence of military and civilian authorities.

The General Direction of Captaincies and Coast Guards (DICAPI) in alliance with WWF Peru made coordinated efforts to digitize the departure and arrival processes to be used on digital platforms. The ceremony for the "Day of the Seafarer" was the setting to perpetuate an important milestone that will contribute to the sustainability and transparency of the fishing sector.
The "Electronic Set-Apart and Arrival" is one of the functions within the digital traceability system 'TrazApp', which aims to enable anyone in the supply chain to access, share and interconnect information on fishing activity digitally.  This innovative tool has been implemented with different actors in the fishing production chain. With more than 6,000 trips and 500 vessels registered by the fishing landings and with more than 10,000 trips and 100,000 tons landed reported by more than 400 artisanal fishermen, it may be used for the request for departure and arrival electronically.
Jose Carlos Alvarez Claux, Officer of Traceability and Fisheries Information Systems at WWF Peru Marine Program commented that digitizing DICAPI databases for subsequent interoperability with TrazApp was a challenge. In addition, he highlighted the benefit. 

This will represent for the artisanal fishing sector and industry,  a simplification of the processes and optimization for fishermen. During the ceremony, Cayetana Aljovín, President of the National Fisheries Society (SNP), expressed her appreciation and support for the initiative. Also, she highlighted the importance of mobile applications such as 'TrazApp' in the face of migration to the digital age, which will benefit many fishing communities.

The Director General of DICAPI, Ludwig Zanabria Acosta, highlighted that fishing communities will have access to a digital tool that will facilitate and allow them to obtain more efficient and agile digital departures and arrivals, contributing to simplifying administrative procedures.

“This project started in 2019 and thanks to DICAPI and WWF, today it is ready to be launched. throw it into the sea. Today marks a milestone in the development and sustainability of fisheries, in the safety of fishermen, and in the fight against illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing. We know that the system will continue to improve and for that, we need users to start using it. 
This is useful and beneficial not only for the maritime authority but also for all the actors in the sector," said Evelyn Luna-Victoria. WWF Peru reaffirms its commitment to continue guiding and training institutions such as DICAPI, in terms of digital transformation. Our aim is to be at the forefront of modernity and be an example for other government institutions and other countries.
This initiative has been achieved thanks to the contribution of projects such as Targeting Natural Resource Corruption TNRC, USAID-funded Por La Pesca, UNDP's Ocean Innovation Challenge, and the national fisheries and aquaculture innovation program PNIPA.